With the purpose of calling the community to join hands to protect the marine environment, on 11/5, the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and Da Nang tourist beaches and the volunteer group organized the launch and put “Bong” at the beach. T18 at the junction of Nguyen Van Thoai – Vo Nguyen Giap began the mission of “eating” plastic waste.

The Goby project (the Vietnamese name for the goby fish) is set in the context of the environmental protection movement through waste reduction and the use of nature-friendly materials which is replicating in Asia, especially Da Nang, packaging. with banana leaves that appear to replace plastic bags and bamboo straws are becoming more and more prevalent.
By building the image of a fish using installation art with different materials, mainly bamboo on the beach, Bong aims to attract and encourage seafarers to dump their waste in the garbage, especially is plastic waste.

There are two ways of understanding the image of Bong on the beach. The first interpretation is the image of a fish swallowing a lot of different human waste discharged into the ocean. Through scale and quantity to strike people’s awareness of the seriousness of each bottle of water thrown on the beach. The second interpretation is the image of a fish protecting the sea by collecting human waste, instead of letting them scatter across the sea and float to the ocean.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Vu – Head of Son Tra Peninsula Management Board and Da Nang tourism beaches said that Vietnam has a coastline stretching the country but in reality, plastic waste is a problem for the ocean environment. The same desire to do something for a better marine environment, so when meeting Ms. Sarah Field – a foreigner teaching English in Da Nang proposed the implementation of the Bong project with the slogan “Feed Bong Plastic And Not Ocean!” (Let’s feeding Bong to plastic waste, not the ocean) ”, the unit supported and supported the implementation.

After conducting the preparatory steps, with the chairmanship of the Son Tra Peninsula Management Board and Da Nang tourism beaches, from April 22, the “Bong” group was led by teacher Sarah Field as the Team Leader with participation. Mr. Tyler Smith (teacher, deputy leader), Mr. Hoang Phuc Lam (specialist, direct project consultant), Ms. Robynn Louw (teacher, project design architect), Mr. Chris McBrideo (painter design project), student Nguyen Diem My (Head of Volunteer and logistics team) and students started working on the project.

“The Bong project is the passion of foreign teachers in Da Nang in combination with enthusiastic student volunteers who wish to contribute and change people’s perceptions about protecting the marine environment due to the activities. travel cause. At the same time, spreading the message of protecting the ocean, the marine environment for local communities and international tourists, especially children, ”- Mr. Nguyen Duc Vu shared.

At the launching ceremony, a large number of people and visitors were extremely excited to join in collecting rubbish and plastic products to put in “Bong”.

Mr. Hoang Phuc Lam, Direct Advisor for the project shared: The spirit of the project is the community join hands. Therefore, besides the environmental and nature protection implications, the project is also an opportunity for residents and visitors to participate and interact with each other for the community and the living environment.

“If Bong succeeds, it will bring tremendous social sharing effect not only in Danang but also international tourists will come to take pictures at the product and share on international social networks. Following Bong, we will deploy more fundraising activities to implement other projects similar to sea turtles and other species on Da Nang beach ”- Mr. Hoang Phuc Lam said.

On this occasion, the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and the tourist beaches of Danang also organized an exhibition of photos of the plastic waste disaster for the ocean environment and related educational data and information. eco-friendly handmade products made from bamboo, wood, sugarcane flour … to raise public awareness about limiting the use of plastic products once.

Da Nang is entering the peak tourist season. On average, Da Nang beaches attract 5,000 to 7,000 thousand a day, especially on festive days, approximately 10,000 people. With such a large concentration of tourists, the daily sea of ​​Da Nang is under the pressure of pollution. According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Da Nang, in the context of increasingly complex and unpredictable climate change, natural floods and storms occur continuously, together with the constant negative impacts of human beings “from the source to the end of the sea”, the environment and marine ecosystems will be greatly affected. Currently, over 80% of coral reefs in Danang City are in very bad condition, waste is one of the main causes identified to cause damage to coral reefs. In order to protect Da Nang sea from the risk of plastic waste pollution, along with the expansion of Bong project in many sea areas in Da Nang, in the coming time, the Management Board will regularly coordinate with groups and volunteers. garbage collectors dump ashore after each heavy rain, propagate on loudspeaker systems to mobilize people, tourists and business households not to discharge coastal garbage; put into use a modern sand machine to clean the beach ….