Cô Nguyễn Thị Huệ chia sẻ về việc sử dụng chiếc làn để đi chợ nhằm hạn chế việc sử dụng túi ni long (ảnh Doanthanhnien.vn)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue shared about using the lane to go to the market to limit the use of plastic bags

Education on environmental protection, prevention and fight against plastic waste for pupils at the elementary school level is an important work, has a broad and sustainable effect “is commented by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue Principal of Chu Elementary School Van An – Tay Ho – Hanoi at the program “Active in green living – Join hands to limit plastic waste” organized by the school at the beginning of the school’s flag week.

According to Hue, “One of the most effective solutions in environmental protection, prevention and control of plastic waste is to raise awareness for pupils and future preschools of the country. thereby contributing to the formation of students’ awareness and ethics of environmental protection, the right attitude and action to protect the environment and fight against plastic waste.

In the school year 2019-2020, implementing the “Say no to plastic waste” movement, the school has implemented a lot of contents in response to the movement on “We have asked teachers, officials and employees. The school implemented solutions to fight plastic waste, from using personal-friendly water bottles, not using disposable plastic to increasing the integration of education contents for students on waste prevention. plastic during lessons, study guide time; encourage students not to wrap notebooks with plastic and limit the use of disposable plastic, recycle plastic products for schooling purposes … ”

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Exhibition of student paintings on environmental protection

Talking with us, Ms. Nguyen Hong Phuong, 2I teacher said, “Implementing the school’s launch, she and her 2I class children have implemented many activities to prevent and control plastic waste; nearly 100% of students no longer wrapped books and notebooks using newspapers; You have recycled plastic bottles and jars to make pen boxes and vases; In addition to the main lessons, during the study hours, she often reminds her children of the responsibility to protect the environment and prevent and fight against plastic waste.

When I showed the children photos and videos about the harm of plastic waste to creatures such as fish, sea turtles, they were very surprised. You did not expect that the plastic waste, plastic bags that you use every day affect such animals. A friend also told Ms. “I will tell my father and mother and my younger sister not to use plastic waste or plastic bags anymore”.

In my daily work, I and the teachers in the school are always aware that I must be the best example for my children in environmental protection and prevention of plastic waste and guide them to become role model for your family. I also hope that the students’ parents will accompany, support and be a good example for the children in the movement “Against plastic waste” and environmental protection.

In response to the movement “Against plastic waste” launched by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in 2018, Chu Van An Primary School and many schools in Hanoi city as well as the Departments of Education and Training, educational institutions, universities and colleges have built a plan to implement the “fight against plastic waste” and deploy to pupils and students across the country, thereby contributing to raising awareness, Consciousness and responsibility for students for environmental protection, ecosystem protection, green earth protection.